CMAS Programme

Striving For Excellence

The CMAS programme stemmed from the realisation that modern traditional education is failing the coach. Certificates and qualifications do not make expert coaches and much of the information available today does not help coaches develop successful coaching businesses.

CMAS is designed therefore to focus solely on you the coach and to develop the skills habits and behaviours necessary to help you excel in your chosen field. In contrast to traditional professional development which focuses on specific skills, qualifications or technology, CMAS is geared entirely towards developing skill and expertise as a coach.

Delivered on an online and in person basis the 52 week programme exclusively focuses on applied learning and exceptional coaching performance, regardless of where you are working and who you are working with. You will learn from the very top coaches in the world, who have genuine real world expertise and experience to help you understand what it takes to become the best in the business.

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Do you have

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CMAS Programme

How You Will Benefit

Maximise your skills, knowledge, values and beliefs to deliver consistently great coaching.

Build your own methodology and framework
Learn how to continually and effectively develop
Develop your skills while you work
Create true depth of expertise
Set yourself apart as a great coach in a crowded industry
Get immediate return on investment as your skills, habits and behaviours develop
Gain exclusive access to leading industry experts

Work & Learn directly from Hugh Marr

"Having worked with Hugh and experienced first hand his knowledge and skills I would encourage any coach serious about improving to consider the Coach Mastery Programme. This is an invaluable opportunity to develop the skills required to gain a competitive edge in the coaching business."

Paul Casey - Multiple Tour Winner and Ryder Cup Player

A Coaching Curriculum Based around YOU

Delivered Through 5 Key Modules Covering All Elements Required To Become An Expert Coach

Unlike most traditional educational programmes available today, the CMAS program allows you to develop while you are working and the program is completely tailored to you and your needs. It encompasses everything you need today to become both a successful coach and a successful business.

The 5 modules cover all the most important aspects of becoming a master coach and give you access to some of the world's top coaching thought leaders through seminars, webinars and one to one courses.

This structure gives you all the right information at the right moment for your personal and professional development.

How The CMAS Programme Works

CMAS is delivered through a combination of online sessions and in person Coach Camps
Private Mentoring Sessions with Hugh Marr
Written assignments, presentations and debates
Individual learning and research
Live sessions with industry experts
Ongoing professional and personal support
Exclusive access to learning materials, resources and academic papers

"With the Coach Mastery Programme Hugh Marr provides an outstanding and unique opportunity to explore and improve what it is to actually coach and develop players. In the existing climate where information and being able to reference complex theories is often perceived by some as' coaching', Hugh provides a balanced and much needed introspective/exploratory approach to actually what coaching/player development really is. If you would really like to challenge your believes with intellectual honesty and accuracy alongside truly exploring what it is to coach then I would absolutely encourage all to join Hugh in this much needed program within coach education."

Dr Mark Bull - Pioneering Golf Biomechanics and 3D Coach

Do you have what it takes?

Motivated, dedicated, hard working, open to criticism and prepared to learn and develop. It takes a certain type of character to achieve greatness and we understand this is not for everyone.

This and the goal of only working with the very best candidates, is the reason why there are only 8 spots available for each programme and why all candidates must submit a written application and undergo an interview before being accepted on the CMAS Programme.

If you want to elevate your coaching pedigree and join an elite group of expert coaches then take the next step and talk directly to Hugh.

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"I entered the CMAS programme as someone brand new to coaching and it is the best decision of my life. Hugh Marr and Simon Jenkins have created an environment and community of excellence and deep learning which has resulted in immeasurable progress from everyone involved. CMAS wades through the noise and helps guide each individual on their journey to becoming a truly great coach".

James Willis 2021/22 Graduate