£349.00 exc VAT

1 Day Coach Camp

Improving motion & generating speed in both recreational & elite golfers

Surrey Golf Lab at Reigate Hill GC, Surrey, UK

A unique opportunity to learn from two world class, pioneering coaches

28th May 2024

Work with Hugh & Steve on your own case studies

Coaching Ground Reaction Force

Learn using the "P" system for Kinetics & Kinematics

This camp is for all coaches looking to develop their skills as technical coaches.

Using the "P System" Hugh and Steve will guide delegates through the motions and forces (kinematics / kinetics) that affect speed, movement and club behaviour through each phase of the golf swing.

Using Case studies, demonstrations and training aids delegates will leave with an understanding of how to help their students apply forces to the handle and ground, resulting in improved movement, increased speed and better performance. Delegates will also learn how to analyse and coach these components without the need for force plates and technology.