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Over 12 hours of Live Learning

Including bonus video "how I coach golf" by Hugh Marr

Learn from Hugh Marr, Alex Buckner & Andreas Kali

Complete Short Game Systems Video Series

Everything you need to help your golfers improve

Systematic Coaching Video

Take your coaching knowledge to a new level!

Coaching Systems which all top coaches use

Use of "P" System as an analysis and diagnosis tool

The secrets behind highly effective education & development

Short Game Systems & Advanced Short Game Systems Video Series -

Video presentations by Hugh Marr and Alex Buckner in which they describe their approach to coaching the fundamentals of short game. Hugh and Alex cover a wide range of topics including, impact geometry, set up variation, swing models and coaching systems. Plus then onto the ADVANCED video presentation which goes much more into detail covering skills, impact, ball flight and spin rates as well as coaching methods and practice systems. These videos are a must see for anyone looking to enhance their short game knowledge and for coaches looking to elevate their coaching skills to a new level.

Systematic Coaching Video Series -

The Systematic Coaching recording takes a deep dive in to the importance of Coaching Systems, unlocking some of the secrets to great coaching by exposing delegates to Andreas and Hugh's approach. While Hugh and Andreas come from very different backgrounds their systems share a great deal of common ground with a "player first" focus. This video is a must for any coach looking to fundamentally shift their ability to improve

Bonus Video "how I coach golf" by Hugh Marr -

This video is an introduction to how Hugh coaches the game of golf. In this presentation he explains exactly how he developed his approach, systems, structures and philosophies.

Hugh also discusses his Chain of Influence method, the importance of the Coaching Cycle and all the tools he has developed to effectively analyse and diagnose each player he works with.

This video is a must watch for any coach looking to refine their coaching process and understand the what, why and how that drives effective coaching and player improvement.

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