£420.00 exc VAT

1 Day Camp - Reunion Golf Resort

Develop your technical understanding

Identify correct cause & effect

Learn to diagnose any swing in more depth

Ball Flight, Impact, Static & Dynamic are covered in detail

Saturday 20.01.2024

The Golf Swing Spectrums, Components and Match Ups Camp is specifically for coaches looking to develop their technical understanding and coaching skills.

Delegates will be introduced to Hugh's system for analysing and diagnosing golf swings. The four primary spectrums - Ball Flight, Impact, Static and Dynamic are covered in detail, identifying true cause and exploring how to make functional change through matching these components.

Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of how to effectively analyse golf swings, but also learn tools to make change for sustainable improvement in their golfers. This camp is a must for any coaches who are looking to make a step change in their technical understanding of swing mechanics.